Criminal tax

Benefit from the expertise of Maître Nabil Addad, tax criminal lawyer in Paris 16

Tax lawyer in Paris 16, Nabil Addad deals with matters relating to economic activity, including personal income, partial or total non-reporting of tax, place of property, corporate taxation, and many others.

As a tax criminal lawyer in Paris 16, he will provide you with useful advice and tailor-made legal follow-up. Nabil Addad represents and defends the accused in all their legal proceedings and procedures before the Tax Offences Commission (CIF) and before any legal dispute.

Expertise in tax criminal law

As a lawyer in tax criminal law near Paris 8, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Puteaux, Maître Nabil Addad accompanies business leaders for simple advice and a plea to propose the criminal aspects of business legislation.

Qualified to intervene in tax criminal law, Nabil Addad intervenes in tax fraud, income concealment, fraudulent insolvency organization, abuse of dominant position and prohibited agreements, the passing of fictitious accounting entries, the offence of false invoices, the illegal taking of interests, money laundering, the abuse of corporate property, or the voluntary delayed declarations of any tax document.

If you wish to file a complaint against the perpetrator of a tax criminal law offence, or if you are summoned to court as a victim , apply now to Master Nabil Addad, your tax penal lawyer at the Paris Bar, to benefit from comprehensive legal follow-up and representation before all criminal courts.

For your lawsuits and legal actions, for any legal questions related to tax criminal law, or to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact Master Nabil Addad at Your tax lawyer in Paris 16 remains at your disposal to respond to any requests.