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Discover the fees of Maître Nabil Addad, tax lawyer in Paris 16

The procedures for establishing the costs and fees of Maître Nabil Addad tax lawyer in Paris 16 , are based on transparency and in compliance with the national regulations of the profession, as well as the ethical obligations of the Paris Bar.

Your tax lawyer near Paris 8, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Puteaux, has always made a point of establishing a relationship of trust with his clients.

fee agreement

The fees related to the assignment to be paid by your Lawyer are set in full transparency through a fee agreement that details both the scope of assistance and the amount of fees due.

advance information

Nabil Addad will always send you a detailed assistance proposal and, in the majority of cases, the fees will be fixed with the possibility of adding a result fee (percentage of the gain in case of success).


One of the firm’s values is total transparency in the determination of fees and upstream communication if there were to be additional due diligence to be settled.

personalized quote

In cases where a fixed fee cannot be fixed, Nabil Addad will provide a quote at the hourly rate, which will be systematically adjusted and will be the subject of constant communication with the client.

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