International mobility

Nabil Addad, international tax lawyer in Paris 16

Tax lawyer in Paris 16 , Nabil Addad works by appointment within his international tax firm to advise and assist companies and individuals in their international operations. As an expert lawyer in international taxation in Paris 16, Nabil Addad provides expert advice to foreign and French investors on the tax aspects of investments made in France or abroad. With his university education and his various professional experiences, your assistant of justice intervenes in the international taxation of companies as well as in international taxation of individuals.

international corporate taxation

Offering an international tax service near Paris 8, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Puteaux, Maître Nabil Addad offers a complete range of tax strategies applicable internationally:

  • Analysis of tax residence;
  • Analysis of the tax and social consequences in case of arrival or departure from France;
  • Analysis and assistance concerning the benefit of the impatriate regime;
  • Assistance in setting up an international mobility policy;
  • Declarative assistance for impatriates and non-residents;
  • Assistance of teams in charge of payroll for employees benefiting from the impatriate regime;
  • Social security assistance;
  • Support for expatriates and secondments;
  • Etc.

International taxation of individuals

As an international tax lawyer, Nabil Addad advises, assists and represents individuals in tax matters on all transactions with international tax issues, including:

  • Taxation of international real estate transactions;
  • Control and tax litigation in relation to property held abroad;
  • Declarative assistance for impatriates and non-residents;
  • Tax returns including foreign income;
  • The treatment of foreign income
  • Declarations by non-residents;
  • Withholding tax for non-residents;
  • Etc.

For your lawsuits and legal actions, for any legal questions related to international taxation or to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact Master Nabil Addad at Your tax lawyer in Paris 16 remains at your disposal to respond to any requests.