Real estate agent

Nabil Addad, your real estate attorney in Paris 16

With the necessary expertise in real estate law, Nabil Addad advises on the real estate transaction, in addition to of his profession astax lawyer in Paris 16, to collect a mandate to buy, search for rent, sell or rent a property.

As a member of theAssociation of Attorneys in Real Estate Transactions (A.A.M.T.I) , Master Nabil Addad is a real estate attorney in Paris 16 able to sell or rent real estate, without going through an agency or a notary.

Qualified lawyer for your various real estate transactions

With all the resources of the Association of Attorneys Agents in Real Estate Transactions, your lawyer at the Paris Bar has an excellent command of legal problems that can cause litigation, but also to avoid them, allowing you to benefit from a fast transaction service and in the best legal and financial conditions.

As a lawyer real estate agent near Paris 8, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Puteaux, Master Nabil Addad is at your disposal whether you are a seller or buyer, ensuring you a tailor-made legal support in the different stages of the real estate transaction including the valuation of the price, the taking of photos, the realization of the appropriate digital media as well as the regular updating of your offer for a better visibility of the announcement of sale or rental.

In addition, his expertise as a real estate transaction lawyer, allows him to provide you with informed advice to bring relevant and effective solutions to various legal problems related to the sale to ensure the safety and efficiency of the transaction.

As an attorney in real estate transactions, Nabil Addad has invested in the firm’s quality approach, which is based on a culture of probity, trust, loyalty and individualized results. He highlights the ethical rules of his legal profession and the values of transparency, rigor and ethics for any real estate transaction.

For your lawsuits and legal actions, for any legal questions related to real estate transactions or to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact Master Nabil Addad at Your tax lawyer in Paris 16 remains at your disposal to respond to any requests.