Tax litigation

Nabil Addad, tax litigation lawyer in Paris 16

Tax lawyer in Paris 16 , Master Nabil Addad intervenes by appointment within his firm Addad Avocat to assist and defend taxpayers (companies or individuals) before the tax authorities and all competent jurisdictions.

As a tax litigation lawyer in Paris 16, Nabil Addad assists you in the various areas of control and tax litigation:

  • Assistance in the pre-litigation phase (complaint, negotiation, mediation, etc.);
  • Full assistance with tax audits;
  • Development of a strategy to defend the client’s interests;
  • Preparation of responses to the administration;
  • Negotiation, transaction with the tax authorities;
  • Monitoring of control and representation with the tax authorities if necessary;
  • Defence when challenging your tax adjustment;
  • Representation before all administrative or judicial courts;
  • Etc.

fiscal control

Maître Nabil Addad accompanies you in matters of control and tax litigation. As a tax litigation lawyer, he is able to provide personalized legal assistance both to the tax administration during a tax audit, and before the courts, to provide you with useful advice and legal assistance in all areas of tax litigation. 

The skills and legal knowledge of Master Nabil Addad as a lawyer in tax litigation near Paris 8, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Puteaux, allow him to implement an effective litigation strategy that can guarantee the best possible protection, and this, in the face of the tax administration during a tax audit or even before the competent courts.

tax administration

Nabil Addad advises and represents you during the proceedings before the administrative or judicial authorities. If a dispute can sometimes be resolved upstream through good communication with the tax authorities, it can often lead to a contentious procedure. Nabil Addad, tax lawyer in Paris 16 is at your disposal to facilitate the settlement of the dispute by transmitting the administration as soon as possible all the necessary documents.

As part of his intervention, your tax lawyer takes charge of the negotiation, the transaction and the preparation of responses to the administration, but also the monitoring of control and representation to the tax administration if necessary.

For your lawsuits and legal actions, for any legal questions related to tax litigation or to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact Master Nabil Addad at Your tax lawyer in Paris 16 remains at your disposal to respond to any requests.