Maître Nabil Addad


Maître Nabil Addad

Tax lawyer in Paris 16 near Neuilly-sur-Seine

Admitted to the Paris Bar since his swearing-in in 2017, Maître Nabil Addad welcomes you by appointment in his firm located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, for advice and comprehensive and personalized assistance in the field of tax law. As a tax lawyer in Paris 16, near Neuilly-sur-Seine, Maître Nabil Addad is committed to providing you with pragmatic solutions adapted to each situation by relying on his legal knowledge as well as his knowledge of tax law and tax criminal law.

Paris 16 near Neuilly-sur-Seine
Nabil Addad is a lawyer registered at the Paris Bar

The oath of attorney that Maître Nabil Addad took before the Paris Bar guides his daily practice in his law firm located in Paris 16 near Neuilly-sur-Seine "I swear, as a lawyer, to perform my duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity. and humanity."

Practising as a tax lawyer with several clients located in Paris 8, Paris 16th, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Puteaux, he assists individuals and professionals, both in advice and in tax litigation.

With experience in leading companies and internationally, Nabil Addad has developed a specific practice in the areas of personal taxation, wealth and international mobility.

In addition to his activity as a tax lawyer, Nabil Addad is also a lawyer in real estate transactions.

Are you looking for a tax lawyer to represent you in a dispute related to a real estate transaction? Looking for a tax law firm?

Are you looking for a tax criminal lawyer to represent you before the competent courts? For any legal action related to tax law, seek the expertise of Maître Nabil Addad, your tax lawyer in Paris 16, to benefit from personalized legal support adapted to your situation.

Maître Nabil Addad
Attorney-at-Law in Paris 16 near Neuilly-sur- Seine

Enrolled at theParis Bar Association , your tax lawyer near Paris 8, Neuilly-sur-Seine and Puteaux, is available to individuals to assist them in general taxation of individuals. In addition, it assists legal entities, including employees and managers in the management of their international mobility, but also concerning the issues of manager taxation or exit tax, property tax etc. With his university education and his various professional experiences, Nabil Addad puts at your disposal the excellence of his legal and tax knowledge, his humanism and his combativeness in order to bring you informed advice, but also comprehensive and tailor-made assistance in the field of French and international tax law.

Legal support based on attentive listening

Your Tax Lawyer is able to take over all the mandatory, amicable or administrative procedures to enforce the rights. Likewise, Maître Nabil Addad provides you with legal support based on attentive listening, rigor and transparency, to help you develop the strategy best suited to your situation in order to defend your interests.

Consult the latest news of the firm Addad Avocat to discover the news and legal news in the field of tax law and tax criminal law practiced by Nabil Addad, your tax advisor in Paris 16th.

foreign correspondents
foreign correspondents

Addad has a large network of correspondents abroad (Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Brazil etc.).

work areas
work areas

Maître Addad practices mainly in tax law but he also practices as an agent in real estate transactions.

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Anxious to show responsiveness and availability, Master Nabil Addad welcomes you within his tax law firm in Paris 16 , Addad Avocat to assist you in all your legal needs both in advice and litigation in the field of tax law.

Taxation of individuals - Advice and tax litigation

Lawyer in tax law at the Paris Bar, Nabil Addad intervenes with individuals to help them prepare their tax returns, among others income taxes and the real estate wealth tax (IFI). It also intervenes in the regularization of assets held abroad or regularizations as part of a succession or at all stages of tax audits that may be subject to companies and individuals.

Wealth tax

Tax lawyer at the Paris Bar, Nabil Addad assists you in matters of wealth taxation for the implementation of strategies of inheritance transfer, inheritance and reorganization of your assets. Nabil Addad is also involved in Real Estate Wealth Tax (IFI), both for compliance and litigation.

International mobility

Offering consulting, drafting, assistance and representation services in tax law, Nabil Addad, expert lawyer in international taxation in Paris 16 supports companies and individuals in the management of tax, social and payroll issues in international mobility. He assists groups in the management of their employees posted abroad as well as employees who arrive in France and benefit from the regime of impatriates.
Maître Nabil Addad

Tax lawyer in Paris 16 near Neuilly-sur-Seine,

Tax litigation

Tax lawyer in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, Nabil Addad intervenes in matters of control and tax litigation, à tous les stades du contrôle (ESFP, examen de comptabilité, vérification de comptabilité, propositions de rectification, contentieux devant le tribunal administratif etc.).

Real estate agent

Agent in real estate transactions in Paris 16, Nabil Addad is able to assist you in the operations of real estate transactions to represent you and defend your interests when buying, selling or renting a property real estate.

Criminal tax

Assisted by a penal lawyer in Paris 16, Nabil Addad uses his knowledge and his recognized experience, both in advice and litigation, in all areas related to criminal tax law .